Simeone Give Defense To Vietto

Simeone Give Defense To Vietto

Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone gives defense to Luciano Vietto, and supports the player to quickly find his sharpness

In 2017, the Vietto has yet to contribute a goal for the team, and the goal drought continues in the Copa Del Rey match against Elche, though the coach remains satisfied with the contribution given by the player to his team.

“It seems [Vietto is under pressure],” Simeone told reporters. “When he plays facing the back of the goal, he rarely loses the ball, and is good at feeding. But he is currently in a difficult situation, because if he does not score, he can be terterkan. ”

“He’s not hiding, and he keeps playing. In the general game level, he is one of the best. We will protect him for that. “

Xavi Reveals Messi’s Special Treatment in the Field

Xavi Reveals Messi’s Special Treatment in the Field

The legend of Barcelona reveals interesting facts about Lionel Messi. He confirmed that the Argentine striker had a special treatment in the field.

Messi is undoubtedly Barcelona’s best player in the last two decades. The 30-year-old has contributed 29 titles in all competitions.

Total, Messi has also donated 521 goals from 594 matches. He also becomes vice-captain if Andres Iniesta is absent.

“Barcelona and the Argentine national team can not afford to let the game play 10 minutes without Messi holding the ball,” Xavi said as quoted by Calciomercato.

“If he is not involved in the game, then he will be angry, you have to give him a ball when five or 10 minutes are already in another player,” he added.

Messi’s special treatment is felt by other players. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Alexis Sanchez, and Neymar are some players who were wasted from Barcelona because of Messi.

Running Fast Suffered Gareth Bale …

Running Fast Suffered Gareth Bale …

Running fast became a mainstay Gareth Bale to fool the opponent, but not infrequently even deliver the Real Madrid star to the treatment room. Finally, Bale suffered a calf muscle injury that missed the game between Wales with Georgia and Ireland in the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers.

Muscle injury is not the first case for Bale. According to Transfermarkt recordings, he has suffered 12 injuries, eight of whom have struck muscles since joining Real Madrid in 2013.

The intensity of this muscle injury is suspected as a result of the Bale style that often rely on speed. Yes, dilansir from a Mexican research in February 2017, Bale is the fastest footballer in the world.

With a record of 36.9 kilometers per hour, he surpassed Orlando Berrio (Colombia) and Juergen Damm (Mexico). With the ability of a fairly capable ball, Bale was often slow down when run into space is quite narrow.

Such a scenario turned out to increase the risk of Bale suffering from muscle injury. This is recognized by a doctor from the United States, Matt Greig, in a book titled “Soccer-Specific Fatigue and Eccentric Hamstrings Muscle Strength”.

Muscles are called very miserable when an athlete slows down abruptly. Things like that can also trigger a muscle injury that had previously suffered an athlete’s relapse.

That’s what Gareth Bale experienced. So, whether it’s time Bale turn off the features of a thousand steps in order to maintain the continuity of his career?

Bellerin Ngebet Moves to Barcelona

Bellerin Ngebet Pindah ke Barcelona

Bellerin Ngebet Moves to Barcelona
Barcelona’s chances of getting Arsenal right back Hector Bellerin getting bigger. The Spanish national player is very eager to be going home to the Nou Camp this summer Bandar Judi Online.

It is no secret that Bellerin is Barcelonal’s main hunt in the transfer market this summer. Bellerin needed to overcome problems in the right-back sector after left Dani Alves.

New Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde also supports Bellerin’s purchase plan. The 22-year-old was a La Masia coach before going six years ago to London.

Sport reports Barcelona’s interest is not a one-handed clap. Bellerin has asked his agent to work with Barcelona to ensure he can return to the Nou Camp.

Bellerin is ready to do whatever it takes to make himself play with Barcelona next season.

Arsenal themselves do not intend to release Bellerin. Manager Arsene Wenger still needs Bellerin next season, even at the end of last season was often reserved.