Allegri: Juventus Behind the Eyes

Allegri: Juventus Behind the Eyes

Juventus coach Max Allegri believes people do not understand the importance when the team got to the Champions League final in Cardiff Situs Poker.

The Bianconeri played their second final in three seasons, but in the end had to lose, this time 4-1 from Real Madrid.

“It’s disappointing, because people do not understand the importance of what we do,” Allegri said.

“At the moment nobody is talking about it, but in the future they will be aware of what we have accomplished.

“Unfortunately, that’s the only way. Maybe we’ll win the third final. In this case, this is the season where we performed great in the Champions.

“We balance Real Madrid in the first round. We started to threaten in the second half, especially when Mandzukic and Pjanic were a bit limp.

“Real understood the difficulty of the game in the first half, but when they realized they could sink in, they did it.

“That’s what great teams do.”

Bernardeschi: Fiorentina Fan Reaction Less Good

Bernardeschi: Fiorentina Fan Reaction Less Good

Federico Bernadeschi assessed Fiorentina fans’ reaction to his move to Old Lady was part of “bad social habits” Sbobet Casino.

The Italian national team captain pocketed 40 million Euros for his move to the Bianconeri this week, sparking scorn from some Viola supporters.

“I think this is a sensitive issue” he said at the club’s official announcement.

“This is not a good thing, and I will not respond to this bad social custom. But I thank the fans, who somehow still support me. ”

“Things like this are a very bad habit, and should be abandoned. I have a strong personality, not a problem for me. But for others it may be the opposite. ”

The same thing happened to Roberto Baggio, anchored from Fiorentina to Juventus in 1990. Players compared to Bernadeschi.

“Baggio is Baggio, there is nothing like him, he is probably the greatest player in the history of Italian football. So, I do not think it’s good to compare the legend with me. “

Bonucci Soon Under Medical Test in Milan

Bonucci Soon Under Medical Test in Milan

Leonardo Bonucci is expected to undergo a medical test in Milan tomorrow, ahead of the transfer process from Juventus.

The Juventus center-back has arrived at Casa Milan to sign his contract, as the Bianconeri have accepted an offer believed to be worth 40 million Euros, with another potential bonus of 2 million Euros.

Bonucci was mobbed by fans as he arrived at Diavolo headquarters, and was filmed sharing a warm hug with CEO Marco Fassone.

He will go to Milanello today for an athletic test, before taking a medical examination at the Milan Laboratory tomorrow.

Bonucci’s contract will be handed over to Lega Serie A tomorrow, but he is expected to sign it today.

Bonucci’s move to Milan is shocking news, as some believe Bonucci will stay at Juventus.

Even according to some media, Chelsea had offered 55 million Euro plus Nemanja Matic to get Leonardo Bonucci.

Inter ke mana-mana, mengesampingkan langkah untuk Verratti

Ivan Perisic tidak akan Inter sebagai klub berusaha untuk tetap memegang pemain terbaik mereka, kata direktur olahraga Piero Ausilio.

Pemain berusia 28 tahun telah dikaitkan dengan pindah dari Nerazzurri dalam beberapa pekan terakhir, dengan Arsenal dan Liverpool diyakini menjadi salah pengagum pemain sayap itu.

Namun demikian, Ausilio bersikeras agen resmi sbobet internasional Kroasia akan tempat di akhir musim.

“Saya tidak berpikir itu adalah baik Perisic atau niat kita baginya untuk pergi,” kata Ausilio.

“Dia adalah bagian dari proyek besar dan kami tidak ingin menjual pemain kami.

“Kita tidak bisa membayangkan sebuah Inter tanpa Perisic. Kami tidak akan menyingkirkan pemain terbaik kami.”

Ausilio juga memiliki mengatakan nya potensi pendatang baru dan praktis dikesampingkan langkah untuk gelandang Paris Saint-Germain Marco Verratti.

“Kami sudah berpikir tentang bursa transfer,” tambahnya.

“Kami bekerja keras dan mendapatkan berhubungan dengan banyak pemain.

“Tapi Verratti bermain untuk klub kaya yang tidak cenderung untuk menjual pemain mereka.”