Gresik United Acknowledge Arema More Strong

Gresik United Acknowledge Arema More Strong

Persegres Gresik United again defeat in advanced Liga 1. Wednesday (25/10/2017) night local time, Joko Tingkir team gave up 0-2 from Arema FC at Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang.

Gresik coach United Hanafi said he had been trying hard to be able to earn points in the game tonight. However, he admits Arema is stronger than his team.

“Although we are already relegated, it is not our reason to play randomly, I have instructed all players to be serious in all remaining games, but I admit Arema is better than us,” Hanafi said after the game.

In addition, Hanafi also gave a message to all his players to stay professional through this competition until the end of the season. Therefore, the assessment of a player for a career in the next season seen from the previous season.

“I have told the players if they have to think long term, they next season is still playing football, so do not be discouraged just because the team that defended now is degraded,” he said.

Meanwhile, goalkeeper Gresik United Satria Tama said it had fought hard to resist Arema attack. Goalkeeper Indonesia U-21 national team considers this defeat as a valuable lesson that can be a spirit for the future.

“Today Persegres plays a lot with young players and our strength is well below Arema, the most important we get a lot of lessons from this game,” said Satria.

Gresik United increasingly immersed in the bottom of the standings or ranked 18 with a new bagging 10 points from 31 matches.

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