Lovren: My Signal Accidentally Accused Me

Lovren: My Signal Accidentally Accused Me

Dejan Lovren called if Romelu Lukaku had deliberately stepped on him when Liverpool host Manchester United last weekend.

The reason, dilaga which ended in a 0-0 draw, both dueling for the ball that then makes Lovren rolling in pain.

And local media claimed that Lukaku would not be charged with his actions, but Lovren felt the player was deliberately doing it.

“At that time I did a tackle, I felt him above me and he could have avoided,” Lovren told local media.

“But I honestly did not intentionally do it. Even if he did not do it on purpose, he would apologize. He’s nervous all through the game, that may be the reason. ”

“But it happened in the field, and it’s gone and nothing is changing it.” Lovren lid.

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