Persib Kibarkan White Flag in League Title Hunting 1

Persib Kibarkan White Flag in League Title Hunting 1

Indonesia’s highest caste soccer competition, League 1, 2017 season remaining eight more weeks Agen Bola Terpercaya. A number of top teams still have chances in the competition to hunt for the title.

But not for Persib Bandung. Maung Bandung barely have a chance to repeat the achievement in 2014 because until this 25th week, Persib was in 10th position standings with achievement of 35 points, 18 points adrift of Bhayangkara FC in the first place.

Because of the nine-game set, there is very little chance of Emral Abus’s team to catch up with the number of points from the top two teams. Persib could have clung to the top of the standings if it wiped out the rest of the game with a win.

However, Persib is not too sure with the chance. The Blue Prince raises the white flag in the hunt for the League 1 title.

As from the Tribun Jabar, Maung Bandung diverted the target to the top five. Assistant coach Persib Herrie Setyawan said a more realistic target is to enter the position.

“We still have a chance, we are still optimistic that will still be in the top five,” said the coach who is usually called Jose.

Now, the remaining seven clubs are in the championship path. Besides Bhayangkara FC as the top standings, there are Bali United, PSM Makassar, Persipura Jayapura, Madura United, Persija Jakarta and Arema FC.

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