Coutinho Still Absent, Klopp Make Sure It’s Not a Behavior Problem

Coutinho Still Absent, Klopp Make Sure It’s Not a Behavior Problem

Jurgen Klopp said Philippe Coutinho will miss the game against Crystal Palace on Saturday (19/8) with a back injury. The club’s medical team ensures no behavioral problems with the midfielder wanting to leave from Anfield.

Coutinho made a transfer request last week after Liverpool forced it to defend it and rejected two of Barcelona’s big offerings.

The Brazilian flew to Germany to play against Hoffenheim in the first leg of the Champions League play-offs on Wednesday (16/8). At that time Klopp said Coutinho could not play at that time.

GM Barcelona’s Pep Segura yesterday said his club would be a bit more to settle the deal for Coutinho and Ousmane Dembele of Borussia Dortmund, but Klopp himself insists he remains on his stance of not selling this No.10 player.

“Phil [Coutinho] is not playing, he has not been training so far,” Klopp said at a press conference quoted by (17/8). “Nobody told me anything different. It will always be this [absent] when the player is injured. The return time can not be ascertained. ”

“I can not say anything about his attitude because since he back injury he has not been practicing. When I asked the doctor about the situation they did not complain, so it was. Nothing bad about this. ”

Criticism comments Barcelona officials

Related to Segura’s comments after Barcelona lost 2-0 (aggregate 5-1) at Santiago Bernabeu in the second leg of Spanish Super Cup from Real Madrid, Klopp said: “I have no reaction whatsoever,”

“I watched the game but forgot to watch the interview afterwards. Nothing to say on my part – I do not know why others say what they (Barcelona) say. I do not even know them, especially this guy (Segura) – I’ve never met him, so I do not know why. ”

Liverpool were held to a draw at Watford in their Premier League opener last week but they beat Hoffenheim 1-2 in Germany and the second leg will be held on Thursday (1/1) a week after they host Crystal Palace at Anfield. (Source:

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