Bernardeschi: Fiorentina Fan Reaction Less Good

Bernardeschi: Fiorentina Fan Reaction Less Good

Federico Bernadeschi assessed Fiorentina fans’ reaction to his move to Old Lady was part of “bad social habits” Sbobet Casino.

The Italian national team captain pocketed 40 million Euros for his move to the Bianconeri this week, sparking scorn from some Viola supporters.

“I think this is a sensitive issue” he said at the club’s official announcement.

“This is not a good thing, and I will not respond to this bad social custom. But I thank the fans, who somehow still support me. ”

“Things like this are a very bad habit, and should be abandoned. I have a strong personality, not a problem for me. But for others it may be the opposite. ”

The same thing happened to Roberto Baggio, anchored from Fiorentina to Juventus in 1990. Players compared to Bernadeschi.

“Baggio is Baggio, there is nothing like him, he is probably the greatest player in the history of Italian football. So, I do not think it’s good to compare the legend with me. “

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