Bonucci Soon Under Medical Test in Milan

Bonucci Soon Under Medical Test in Milan

Leonardo Bonucci is expected to undergo a medical test in Milan tomorrow, ahead of the transfer process from Juventus.

The Juventus center-back has arrived at Casa Milan to sign his contract, as the Bianconeri have accepted an offer believed to be worth 40 million Euros, with another potential bonus of 2 million Euros.

Bonucci was mobbed by fans as he arrived at Diavolo headquarters, and was filmed sharing a warm hug with CEO Marco Fassone.

He will go to Milanello today for an athletic test, before taking a medical examination at the Milan Laboratory tomorrow.

Bonucci’s contract will be handed over to Lega Serie A tomorrow, but he is expected to sign it today.

Bonucci’s move to Milan is shocking news, as some believe Bonucci will stay at Juventus.

Even according to some media, Chelsea had offered 55 million Euro plus Nemanja Matic to get Leonardo Bonucci.

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