Cyanotype Pier-Spective

Late Night Cyanotype

Have you ever stayed up late into the night playing around with one of your images? Pushing the boundaries of post processing with different filters and plugins? Of course you have, what modern-day photographer hasn’t. The thing is usually you wake up the next morning and toss the results in the recycle bin after reviewing […]

Jeff Goins

The 3 most inspiring videos I have watched all year.

I have been following author Jeff Goins ( for a while, but not in a very serious fashion. Today I received one of his newsletter emails that had a pretty intriguing title. THE THREE QUESTIONS EVERY PROFESSIONAL WRITER MUST ANSWER Upon opening the email and following the link I began watching the first video. About […]

Tampa Ticket

My latest contest entry is a “two for one” at with the Tampa Theater Ticket Booth.

Part of my 2015YOTP push (click here if this is greek to you) is to find and enter as many legitimate photography contest as possible. One of the better recurring photo contest I have found on the web resides at one of my favorite Photography magazine websites And they had two challenges that one […]

500px Logo

Breaking 500k on 500px!

I just went over 500,000 views on my account. It has taken a few years and a lot of photos. Most of which are not even there anymore, suffering the fate of the annual portfolio culling that is coming up again soon. Still views are cumulative and having a half million of them in […]

2015 Year of the Photographer

I’m making a list and checking it twice, going to find out if 2015 is the Year of the Photographer

This is not a Christmas list mind you but a checklist corresponding with my personal challenge to make 2015 the “Year of the Photographer“. Ok to be more specific to make it the year for this photographer. The year to make things happen. (This is not a post travelling forward in time declaring someone 2015 […]

Film Amplified

Congrats to @GregUrbano who won our #FilmAmplified location contest & $750! — St. Pete/Clearwater (@VSPC) November 27, 2014 I rarely get the urge to do two blog posts in one day but sometimes there are exceptions. Directly on the heels of a great tweet that came my way yesterday (see previous post), today (Thanksgiving […]

Ken Kaminesky Travel Photographer

If you were to ask me the question “Which one photographer would you love to be an assistant for if you had the chance?” The answer would be Ken Kaminesky. He travels the world and takes gorgeous HDR photographs. Simply put he lives the life I want. I think if you were to ask most […]