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01/28/2015 by Greg Urbano

Playing with my 3 Legged Thing

I know that title sounds kinda NSFW but it’s ok the 3 Legged Thing I am talking about is my new tripod! January 2015 has been the month of time-lapses, ones¬†with motion that is. Courtesy of my new Radian motion base from Alpine Labs I have been able to add panning motion to the still…

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01/21/2015 by Greg Urbano

Becoming a Fisheye Fanatic

One of the things I love about being a photographer is the process of rediscovery. Where you once had a passion for something like a photography technique or post processing effect using a specific plugin or filter, or in this case a particular piece of camera gear like my Rokinon 8mm fish eye lens. The…

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01/14/2015 by Greg Urbano

A tale of two timelapses.

Back in October 2014 I was inspired to create and enter a video into a local film contest. I choose to do a time-lapse of one of my favorite places to photograph – Fort De Soto Park. My video placed second in the contest and that spurred me on to make creating time-lapse videos one…

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01/09/2015 by Greg Urbano

March till I die.

It was late February 1991 and I was in a Humvee crossing the border between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The ground war had begun, Desert Shield had turned into Desert Storm and headquarters platoon of Bravo Battery 4th Battalion 5th Air Defense Artillery was convoying into the darkness. All of my military…

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01/08/2015 by Greg Urbano

Thank you Derrick Story.

  Sometimes as photographers we might pick up a simple piece of advice somewhere that we end up using at some point. I want to thank a photographer/podcaster who gave such a bit of advice a while back that helped me get a terrific photograph to start off the new year. That photographer? Derrick Story…

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01/03/2015 by Greg Urbano

Lightening layers for compositing a nice New Year’s Eve fireworks photograph.

This New Years Eve I was doing some research online in the hopes of getting some useful tips for getting better fireworks shots. I hadn’t attempted shooting any for a few years and don’t have a lot of experience with capturing that type of scene in general. Staying up late with my camera just hasn’t…

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01/01/2015 by Greg Urbano

Getting shutter speeds of “10 Mississippi” or more.

Growing up as a kid in the 1970’s we used to play street football quite a bit and the official time-clock of the game back then was the count of “10 Mississippi”. We used it to calculate our rush of the quarterback and pretty much anything else that needed a timer. Fast forward to the…

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12/29/2014 by Greg Urbano

Lost and Found

One of the good things about cleaning out for the new year is rediscovering lost projects¬†and their associated images. Every now and then I get really interested in mobile photography apps and the cool things they can do. One such app for my iPad from a few years back is WordFoto from bitCycle. It will…

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12/28/2014 by Greg Urbano

Best of 2014 on

2014 has been an interesting year for me photographically. To review the photographs I have taken and published online over the last 12 months I created a custom tag to produce a group from my account. You can review them yourself here – Best of photographer Greg Urbano for 2014 on The beginning…

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12/26/2014 by Greg Urbano

Burning down the House 2014

I am the type of person who loves to clean house, throw out all the old and begin the New Year distraction free. I was motivated even more this year when I read an article posted on about a very popular Instagram user named Richard Koci Hernandez who was deleting all of his images,…

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